In The Eyes of a Hakujin

In The Eyes of a Hakujin [3 piece painting] [OILS]

[an observation a time and event that happen in Japan and as it still happens now as we speak.  these are 3 paintings of visuals of what most Caucasian men seek in Japan]

In the Eyes of a Hakujin [GEISHA][LEFT]
A young woman in a Geisha rob with her hair all messed up. Old traditions incorporated with the 20th century can we say Harajuku District in Tokyo on a Sunday afternoon! The cute, the young a child like face with an adult figure. It's within you as you may not ever omit you are a pedophilia!

In the Eyes of a Hakujin [SEX][MIDDLE]
The women with her eyes covered in gauge as the vocal point are her lips that are emphasized in ruby red. The image is a sexually explicated view of a Asian woman without showing actual intentions of the act. You can imagine all what you want to seek within the painting as I'm promoting submissiveness.

In the Eyes Of a Hakujin [JAV][RIGHT]
JAV! In America it stands for Japanese Adult Video these Japanese women are some of the most beautiful women on this planet and they are extremely famous porn stars in Japan and all over the world. Men seek them out to seldom fine in America they travel to the other side of the world just for a glimpse of what they see on paper, video and Internet. It's the child like face, the replication look of smooth porcelain skin, the innocent of stance, the soft light voice, the traditional full lips with bold round almond eyes it is of course what all men seek of its physical appearance of what you seek upon Asian women.

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