Impressions 6"x6" acrylic

This is a piece I did when I was feeling a little distracted and had a hard time focusing on anything that required a great deal of "hard looking" or deep thought.  I had an idea about what I wanted but I let myself go and just create rather than trying to achieve a specific image.  I used both my right and left hands for this and I love how it looks.  It may not be a master piece, but it makes me happy!

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Christine Holzschuh

About Christine Holzschuh

I am a self taught artist who has been influenced by the following people:  my mom (June Hovekamp Osgood), Sean Dye, Jane Neroni, Karin Jurick, Carol Marine, and Qiang Huang.  I am painting daily now after a career in education.  Art is my passion and I am learning every day.