Iconic Obsessions

This series stems from an idea that began seven years ago using representational symbols to create scenes within paintings.  Since then my experience in portraiture has grown and allowed me to incorporate this use of symbols in my work.  In this series the subjects I have selected are well known icons.  However, the real story is what is revealed within the painting and the personal history of their life.

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About Karl Soderlund

Karl is a sought after artist for original works and commissioned paintings. You can find his work hanging in over 250 public and private collections, including Interpublic Companies, Merrill Lynch and Pepsi-Cola. His paintings have been shown in the finest galleries, as well as featured on television, in magazines and newspapers. In 2002 Karl led the introduction of the Heisman Trophy Awards on national television by painting that year's winner. Other examples of his portraits have been included in the Heisman Trophy portrait collection, corporate and private col­lections. Articles about his work have appeared in numerous publications, such as Art Business News, and The New York Times