Mixed media collage-dedicated to Emily Dickinson – a great poet!

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Fahmi Khan

About Fahmi Khan

I am an artist from Bangladesh, now settled in Texas. I teach art in the public school and give private lessons too. As a practicing artist and art educator my plate is quite full and I love it!  I work in graphite, pen and ink and some mixed media collage. I graduated with a BFA in Printmaking.  Most of my works are an inspiration from the bold,  black & white realities of life itself.  Each of my artwork tells a story, if you stop and listen carefully you may find yourself in there too.

Sketch booking is my favorite pastime, and I take every excuse to promote this among my students, teachers, artists and anyone!

Also being an art educator - I have recently started presenting workshops on sketchbook keeping and creativity. I  presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, during the TAEA mini conference for art educators and  at TAEAs main conference in 2010, 2011 & 2012!

I also got my drawing published in  "Strokes of Genius 3 - The best of Drawing"  edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf! I am so excited!!! And now I am going to be in SPLASH 14 and again in Strokes of Genius 5!! So I'm pretty excited about that!

Follow me on my facebook fan page "Art by Fahmi Khan"  or my website www.fahmikhan.com  and I also twitter as just Fahmikhan...and now have a blog called "Sketchbook Magic"  http://artbyfahmi.blogspot.com

 Please visit me...:))