Humboldt Co. Angel

Watercolor on Arches 130 lb. cold press paper, 22 x 16 inches. 

This little girl came into the Gallery on April's Arts Alive with her family. Her father gave me permission to photograph her, so she began to take off her coat to show me her t-shirt which she was very proud of. She's so "Arcata" (which is locked in a time warp circa 1969) that I'll paint her as a Humboldt Co. Angel. As my grand-niece, Megan, would say, she looks like her closet threw up on her.  

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Susan Harper

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Hmm, bio:  Let's see.  I've lived a considerable time, so it's hard to know where to begin.  I'm originally from San Francisco, married, raised four kids, have 8 grand kids, still married to the same sweet baboo living on the North West coast of California near Humboldt State U.  I've done some kind of art work all my life, but didn't start to paint until late 2007.  Artists often comment on how hard watercolor is, so I thought, "What the heck. How about I take the challenge".  And whaddya know!  Who woulda  thunk it?  I took to watercolor like a duck takes to, uh, water.  So, as a senior citizen  I'm just beginning a new career. To tell you the truth, I never set out to sell any paintings, just to learn.  That all happened in spite of me.  Now I often don't have anything to put up for sale, because I do commission work and it's gone before it's painted.  I'm hoping to get some inventory built up, but my style of painting requires a good deal of time.