houses on sunset hill

my 2012 painting

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About Lawrence

when i was at grade school i started drawing differently from my classmate which i draw a full figure of a little girl not a stick figure but not exactly the right measurements. Then i continued drawing when i was 2nd year high school until 4th year portraiting some of my friends and making fun of them. At college i stopped for 2 years focusing at my course which was picked and forced by my parents until i got downed scores at 2nd year 1st semester. So what did i do the rest of my months before shifting for my new course?  i was thinking what kind of course they called that paints, carves wood, combing every piece of object together as one, everything till I found out its called "Fine Arts"; I enrolled at Ford Academy of Fine Arts which they'll teach everything from basic to advance method of art. the funny thing i remembered is  that i didn't know fine artists needs to attend nude sessions to gain knowledge of understanding human anatomical figure.  I'm now turning 3rd year student of my full year course for four years

sorry for me bad english though.