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Jim McIntosh

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Artist Statement

I paint with love, love for both the subject of my paintings and for the process of painting itself.  I try to rely on my inner spirit for the creativity and guidance in the execution of my paintings. Whether I paint “plein air” or in my studio, I like to think that my inner spirit of creativity is really the Holy Spirit at work.  To begin a painting I await my inner spirit to nudge me into the painting mode. That love will express itself in a desire to interpret the subject matter and method to execute the painting.  This is my main purpose of painting: to communicate my inner spirit to yours with a passion. I have several aims: To produce strong and colorful paintings with an economy of strokes, to paint quickly and energetically and focusing on the “idea” of the painting. Some would call my work impressionist and representational with the use of bright colors with pure hues.  Mixing of colors occurs mostly on the paper.

I feel honored to have my paintings in private collections in many locations in the US plus Russia, England, Belize, Belarus, Goa, India, Austria, and Indonesia.

Several albums of my work are located at:  http://picasaweb.google.com/oldbioprof