"Home is just a Thought Away"

"Home is just a Thought Away"

– SIZE: 48' W x 24" H x 3/4" D
– COST: 312 
– COLOR: white, blue, green, yellow, brown.
– CANVAS: gallery wrapped canvas with back staples.
– MEDIUM: acrylic structure, sealed with matte finish protection against UV, dust, moisture, and yellowing.


This piece was custom for the New Hampshire Army USO in Afghanistan for moral.
Beauty where it is needed most


The tree trunks were textured to look and feel real, for these soldiers deployed to foriegn deserts from their home woods of New Hampshire.

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KRIS eldridge

About KRIS eldridge

Born in Holbrook Massachusetts Kris Eldridge was a Girl scout, on a softball team, danced Jazz, and made neighborhood plays.
Kris was eccentric, creative, and energetic.
A New Hampshire military wife and military mother working hard with one and at times two full time jobs, also caring for special needs foster children while attending College. Kris graduated at the age of 36 with a degree in Psychology.
Unable to dedicate the funds or time to her art until the kids were grown. Her supportive husband reignited her creativity when he sent a care package to her of an easel and acrylics paints while he was deployed to Afghanistan. The artistic outlet and consuming serenity of painting rejuvenated her as she now looks forward to the second act of her life.
In painting Kris found not only her passion and release, she found her talent and love. Kris maintains her passion for community and nonprofit organizations, donating pieces of art to organizations and fundraisers whenever requested.
Working with acrylics, gravitating towards contemporary, abstract and/or textured painting.
Enjoying each persons own interpretation of her abstract pieces.

If you would like to see my work please visit  my:

  • WebSite: http://facebook.com/ArtByEldridge
  • FaceBook Page: http://facebook.com/ArtByEldridge

*Both are very new, and have very little completed art currently. Any  "LIKE" on  FB page are appreciated. ~ Thank You 

Location:     Southern New Hampshire

Style:            contemporary representational, abstract, mixed media

Affiliations:  North Light Shop

                       My Design Shop


Exhibitions and Competitions:

                       Anatomy of fear: Illustration of anthology book of werewolf stories.

                       USO Kandahar Afghanistan- 2 pieces on exhibit.1 piece donated to the troops.