Hiran Minar,Shiekhpura, Punjab Pakistan,

Architeciture of Mughal Dynasty, Where the king used to stand and Hunt for Deers! In the 18 century!

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I graduated as a textile designer and continue to work with fabrics apparels scarves and interiors but have also got a passion for painting and drawing so i took short courses in water painting and i at present have been concentrating on flowers but now i have also started making architectural buildings and landscapes i guess my painting are still not so powerful but i hope it time with practise and hard work i will improve i also have started to work on pastel drawings and i have painted some pigeons also and hope to do some pencil drawings also.I live in lahore pakistan and graduated from a local art college national college of arts but have travelled to many countries including America and also lived in canada. I have had part of my educaion in london in the mid eighties, as i child i lived in the Usa while my father was doing his PHD in engineering from the iowa state university. and have very nice memories from my child hood and always had a passion for art colors and painting.