"High Times, Out of Time"

Charcoal drawing from life, still  in process.   The background and foreground will be dark.  The main light is on the skull and watch.  Relates to Vanitas works.   Theme is our society's greed, living above our needs, wasting and wanting more and more without means to pay.  And the fall of it…

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About Artisme

Penny McElhaney was born in Phoenix Arizona.  She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Arizona State University and has continued her education at the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona, Andreeva Portrait Academy in New Mexico and in France and England.  She studied with William Whitaker, Anthony Ryder, Robert Liberace, Joshua Falik, Robert Shurfelt and others. 

Penny is inspired by Old and Modern Masters techniques of traditional realism and her work is based on a synthesis of observation.  She has exhibited in regional, state and international exhibits and received numerous awards.

Penny teaches Drawing and Life drawing at Yavapai College in Clarkdale, Arizona.