Here Comes Micheal

Faces come in all shapes. But, the face of a child says it all.

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Kathleen Carrier

About Kathleen Carrier


Kathleen Carrier is an Artist / Illustrator based in Illinois. She has been an Artist all her life. After taking 20 years off to do the mom thing, with the dream never fading Carrier, studied at the Chicago Art Institute. It was time for her to be authentic to herself. Her studies their revolved around her passion for the school and its people.

Her work takes on as many styles as her life. From her erotic edge, to the style she shows when she captures souls on paper. You can find her work in many private collections, shows in her city and around the country. Staying involved in her community too. Teaching figure drawing and the Huskies on Parade a public art project.

Her style explores the thoughts and feelings of the people through hands on experiences and her skill of listening. Figurative works express the layers of human experience while her illustrative style traverses the realms of dark fantasy. Carrier is an Artist who likes to color outside the lines.