"Hello, Yellow!" (yellow lab), oil on canvas

"Hello, Yellow!" oil on canvas, 16" x 20".  Yellow lab portrait; the subject is Pete, Assistance Dog in Training for PawPADS (http://www.pawpads.org/).  Copyright 2015 by Barbara J.C. Musch.  (Photo inspiration credit: Yvonne Hemze.)

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Barbara J.C. Musch

About Barbara J.C. Musch

I graduated college with a degree in studio arts, and freelanced a bit before falling into a lively design studio at a holiday giftware company, where I got to create everything from figurines to fine art: humorous, serious, graphic, traditional, you name it!  Then a few years back, I discovered Pat Jerde's Minnesota River School and fell in love with oil painting.  

Now I am getting back to it after a 4-year hiatus, painting and designing, living and working in Minnesota, trying to "find my voice" -- and loving it.