He Whispered Love 24 X 28 Acrylic (house paint) on canvas

This piece was done for a local Christian charity's October fund raising luncheon.  The theme is Living Water, the encounter of the Samaratin woman with Jesus at the community well.  The story of the painting is my encounter with Jesus at my very dry well at a time in my life when all joy of living was gone and colors were pretty much non-existant, neutralized to gray.  Jesus restored my soul at my easel.  Love, joy and peace returned while painting my step-son's puppy.  I could finally breath again after holding my breath for almost 7 years.  Everything changed from that point on.  I am so thankful to my Savior for His Mercy and persistent pursuit of me.  He is truly the Good Shepherd of lost sheep.

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About Deborah

 I'm not finished yet, but I am glad that God has and is making me to be an artist just as He is molding me and shaping me into a better person.  Art is what I do while I wait for the completion of His workmanship.   I'm not a professional artist by any means.  I just love the challenges of the activity and like to share the results with others.   I am past 50 years old, but not yet 60.  After spending half my life framing other artists' works, I am finally doing what I have always loved.  Drawing and painting have always been a great escape and a sweet harbor of blessing for me.  A place I can be quiet, and like prayer, I often find that I am blessed with God's own presence with me there.  I believe that is true for everyone who is exercising thier God-given talents and gifts.  I first became acquainted with the joy of art as a child of 5 or 6 learning from the Saturday morning show Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy.   I was hooked for life.  After pencil drawing, my preferred media to work in was oil.  I was addicted to the aroma of oil and turpentine on my hands.  It wasn't until I did a mural for a church wall that I discovered the friendly properties of house paint as a canvas medium and that I could achieve the same results in my paintings as I did with oils.  Being less expensive is a big plus now that we can get trial sizes of mixed paint.  "Teenage Angst" and "Good for the Heart" are my experimental pieces with house paint on canvas.   With these successes I gave my oils away to a friend who was short on cash for art supplies.   I am a member of a local art association and through it have opportunities to show my work.  Quite soon it became about striving for sales and recognition.  I quickly discovered that my love, joy  and peace in the arting process was dangerously diminishing with the pursuit of the $.  Making the decision to give that part of being an artist up has restored my joy and freedom to just do what inspires me.  No more $ $ign$, ever.   I think Artist Daily is a great site for sharing what we do as artists and it's great fun, exploring and learning from everyone on this site.