He snuck out of bed


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Mona Davis

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I am a Swede in Texas. I have lived here for 5 years now and I like it here, specially the light and warm winters. I used to live not far from the arctic circle and the winters there were very cold and dark. That is when you realize that being creative is the only way to stay healthy...well for me anyway.

My education is from when I was born,almost  half way long and longer it shall be. I consider art as a way to express and play, education is to make the playground larger. But no matter what education you do take, if you have a great passion for something; that is when you learn the most and where you gain your knowledge doesn't matter as long as the result you seek will occur. So being self taught or having great schools in art should, in my point of view, never become a colored glass between the viewer and the art. Everyone is by the way self taught, if you don't have someone else inside your brain that is, that hold your brush/pencil for you and do your thinking and creations, if we now going to play with words and be a little bit philosophic.....smile.

Well as you can see, I don't take stuff too seriously, life is what one make it, just like art; a new canvas every morning and I am the one holding the brush and I can chose whatever I want to paint on there. That every day laugh and smile and feel good inside is my goal, if I am going to live till 110....smile.

Thank you for your time, I appreciated it. Bear hugs.

Here's my web add: http://monadavisstudio.webs.com