Guinea Fowl feather pencil-drawing

drawn on paper by using a pencil. Original feather by it's side

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I was born on 30th Oct 1954. Since I can remember my urge was to fiddle around with beautiful things he he he ! Then I can remember taking classes from an elderly woman who learned me to draw in pencil My wife urged me to take up art again to bring my creative side to the front. I also like woodwork and fixing things myself . The town where I reside has overgrown and my wish is to be able to put scenes on canvas or paper that will be remembered by my family ...long after I have gone to rest . Oil on canvas and pencil drawing and sometimes I do an odd painting on material when my wife insist from me to help....ha. I would love to use other mediums .. it is always a new challenge . Thank you for letting myself be put here and be seen...I love the artists and their works on this site!!