Gubia Normale, Climbing Mallorca

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About ElizabethAFox

I have been painting for 20+ years, and work often, evenings, weekends, holidays, in between teaching. As well as making images of places, my work is about things that are not quite there, like pools of water and rivers flowing, ice melting, clouds passing, birds flocking in flight, or the wind blowing. How to record these passing state? This is my question as I work

My studio is wherever I put my watercolour box down, or open my sketchbook; a café, a cottage in the mountains, the entrance to the tent on a wild remote hillside, the dining table, or the drawers in the spare room.

I work in oil paint, acrylic, ink, watercolour, graphite, wax, pastel and collage. I also work with water, ice, video and 3d sculpting and modelling, but these works are more difficult to show. Each medium and material has different specific qualities that I try to use to express my ideas. There is a gallery of my work at my shop ElizbethAFox on Etsy

I love to keep a visual diary of my travel by cycle, or backpacking, running and walking on the moors and mountains, love to record what I see, - the land, the weather, people, ideas, love to use new media and methods, love to paint...Every holiday deserves a new sketchbook, and now there are piles of them all with work reminding me of what I have done, where I've been.You can see this unfolding diary on my blog 'Not at Home' on