"Grey Afternoon"

10" x 10" Oil on canvas

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Daniel J. Keys

About Daniel J. Keys

Daniel J. Keys was born - the second of three children - to Rev. & Mrs. Keys, on Oct. 7th 1985, in Fresno CA.

    Upon noticing a glimpse of artistic talent in him at an early age, Daniel was encouraged by his parents to pursue his passion, namely painting; and being entirely home educated, time was very permitting for him to develop his skill as a self taught artist. Growing up in a Christian home, he began to understand the blessings of living in a faith-filled environment, and recognized his ability to paint to be a gift from Almighty God.

    He started painting at the age of eleven using a paint set purchased with birthday money. It was during the next few years that Daniel discovered the work of master artist Richard Schmid, and began emulating Schmid's style in his own paintings. Since that time, Daniel has come to develop his own signature style - painting still life, and landscapes - using rich, beautiful colors to create glowing masterpieces.

  Today Daniel’s work is praised and collected by many prominent art enthusiasts and collectors, as he continues to move forward with his career, becoming one of the leading young artists in the nation. He currently lives in Firebaugh California, with his family who continues to bring him great encouragement and support.

    As you look deep into the heart of each of Daniel’s paintings you will began to understand his desire that the viewer not only see a beautiful piece of art, but also, through it receive a message of hope, and experience peace, joy, and a sense of God's love for all good things.