Grandpa's Hand

Ink and brush on water color paper

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Herm Rediess

About Herm Rediess

Herm has been drawing portraits since the age of nine and has worked in pencil, pen and ink, pastels, and oils.   In 1972 he began to focus on sculpture working with Judy Schwabacher and Mary Ann DeVine.   He sculpts and draws figures and portraits because humans are the most interesting of subjects.  He studied life drawing and Anatomy for the Artist at UCLA and worked with an Artist's Foundry in nearby Santa Monica.  His portfolio includes over 50 pastel and ink drawings, 6 bronze sculptures, 8 sculptures in progress, and over 200 sketches.  He has exhibited and won awards at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art, the San Bernardino Traditional Art Association Annual Exhibit and the Palm Springs Desert Museum.  A six-foot sculpture commemorating the X-15's first flight commissioned of him by NASA sets in the Lobby of the Dryden Flight Research Center.  His interests are not confined to art, as he holds a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT and enjoyed a 25-year career at NASA, was an aerospace company executive for 14 years, Director of Aviation Research at FAA for nine years, NASA Director of University Programs for one year, and a Program Executive at the Department of Homeland Security for four years. He lives with his wife of 55 years, Sharon,  and has his studio in Gainesville, Virginia. After reading the note on hope through cancer's painting, I thought to share my experiences with cancer.  I am a two-time cancer survivor, treated for prostate cancer in 1996 and now have Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer since 2002, which is non-curable.   Although treatments are hard on me, the last chemotherapy was in 2005, I now have no pain or physical symptoms.  It returned last year but not bad enough for treatments yet.    My point is that it does not define my life.    I plan to live to 104 continuing with my art to the last day. I had a heart attack in late April 2015 then triple heart bypass surgery June 3rd. Recovering well and back to my art and golf. My Lymphoma cancer is still in remission.