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Deborah Turner

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I have spent the last 30 plus years in the field of finance in some shape or form.  As CFO for companies from Houston to Napa, I recently have exhausted my exuberance for the corporate environment.  My left side of the brain needed a respite and has given the right side freedom to pursue its long overdue cravings and pursuits.

As an intense foodie, I express my love of food through my art.  Just seeing fresh produce at farmer’s markets gets me excited as I snap photos for reference.  The colors, shapes and textures along with how the sunlight plays upon them makes me excited to begin a new journey through the world of food.

Although I dabbled in watercolors for a few years, soft pastels have become my medium of choice.  They are very tactile and allow me to really feel my paintings as they come to life.  It is a very exciting journey and I look forward to many years experiencing life’s treasures – FOOD!