Glowing Sky and Snow

This is from one of my trips to Alberta and the sunset was very beautiful. My painting depicts the color and the mood.

The same can be found at

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Raju Dyapur

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Hello everyone, my name is Raju Dyapur and I am an artist from India, Bangalore (Bengaluru).I am a self taught artist. Before I started my career as an artist, I was in IT (Information Technology) world for many years. My previous profession allowed me to live and work in many countries (North America, Europe, Middle East etc.). As far as i remember, I was involved in drawing and painting since my young age but never got the chance to pursue the same. Although I practiced in school and even took several courses. Participated and won many drawing and painting competitions. It was such an achievement those days. As my studies approached university, the importance was driven to either becoming an engineer or a doctor. That was the time when the priorities changed. I seldom drew and painted, which remained as one of the hobbies. My travel (around the world during my previous career) and my inspiration towards painting have made me to pursue art as full-time career. It has taken a lot of dedication to practice and to hone my skills, which will continue for the rest of my career. I love nature and it's colors, most of paintings depict the same.