Gleaming poppy puppies

Acrylic on canvas

60×80 cm

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Kathy Soti

About Kathy Soti

Talking about me? It’s not to easy mission, drawing and painting easier, but I take an experiment now.
I was born in Hungary, in Szeged.Drawing is perhaps the most difficult language of expression, or a new way to express difficulties in life, that hopefully moves to paintings soon, that is a very good feeling.

Many years have passed away in my life without holding a pencil or a brush in my hands. It was a big mistake.

My aspiration is my drawing, painting, trying to develop to the best level, to use other techniques, for example to learn painting with oil, and to use the airbrush gun (Im very interested in using them), and just simply enjoy every single day working with my soul, and share all these with everyone.