This summer was very hot in New Jersey.  In my garden, gladioluses bloomed under the hot sun.

Their translucent, thin petals were so beautiful. 

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About Laura

Laura Hwang is currently a Signature Artist at the Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS) and a Life Member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA).      Laura sees her watercolor paintings as reflective of nature's voice.  Colorful and luminous are words used to describe her paintings.  She paints in watercolors, in a highly realistic, yet moody and intense style.  Flowers from her garden often become models for her paintings.  From the first creative inclination to start a painting to the final finishing touches, she uses references from photographs and life, and the intuition that she's developed for years of painting.  She begins a painting with a loose pencil drawing on the paper.  She builds up the colors and value using multiple layers of washes.  This gives the watercolor painting luminosity and richness of color. Laura's artistic goal is to paint all of her subjects faithfully and beautifully, but using colors and values that present the object in a new way, making the ordinary extraordinary.  Laura's strong spiritual connection with the earth inspires her to bring the rhythms and texture of nature to canvas.  She hopes that this is the beginning of her rebirth as an artist and that viewing public enjoys her paintings as much as she have enjoyed the creative process. For more information, please visit her website: