"Glad Handing"

This gladiola flower was the only one that came up in the spring after careful planting of bulbs the fall before. I wanted to celebrate it as the "lone survivor" and decided to have it put into a very special vase~I chose my husband's hand instead of the usual glass or ceramic vase. A title was born!! The intense red color showed beautifully against the black and white background. This was a show winner in a local watercolor show.

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Gail M. Wheaton

About Gail M. Wheaton

My interest in art was sparked in high school by a very dedicated art teacher who steered me toward oil painting. After graduation, I dedicated myself to marriage           

and raising three children. After receiving a gift certificate to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, I attended a beginning oil painting class and completed several oil paintings.

Our family owned business added art supplies to the inventory, which sparked a renewed interest in the creative process. My earlier experience, at the Art Institute,

prompted me to take a beginning watercolor class taught by nationally known watercolorists, Denise Lisiecki. The first class included a slide demonstration

showing works by nationally recognized watercolorists. After class, I went to the office and requested my money back as I felt I would not be able to achieve

close to such wonderful work. Denise Lisiecki overheard my refund request and convinced me to persevere.

I have found watercolor painting to be a tremendous challenge followed by joyous fulfillment. When depicting commonplace subjects, a successful painting is

accomplished when the viewer senses the life and vitality in my work, which is conveyed through my love of art.


I have a watercolor published in North Light Books “Splash 6” titled "Chev." My watercolor Titled “After the Harvest” Won first place in the American

Artist Magazine 70th Anniversary watercolor competition.  


My watercolors have been included in both national and international exhibitions, winning numerous awards.