Gingko in Fall

 Wtercolour on Arches 90 lb rough paper, 10"x32", 2009

Ginkgo or maidenhair trees are one of the oldest tree on earth and only the female produce fruits. The fruit of the ginkgo tree are plum-like. The pulpy outer layer surrounds a light-colour shell in which the cream colored meat is found the fruit has this foul odor but after the outer layer had been removed the fresh nuts are considered a delicacy, the sweet, mild flavor comparable to a chestnut or pistachio. The tree are often though sacred which are so reverenced they may be planted near temples in some Asian countries. Chinese use them in soups, stuffing, desserts, dishes containing meat and poultry, and vegetarian dishes, as well.

One of the common sights during the fall is to see the Chinese ladies, picking fallen fruit off the ground and to take home. The dry Gingko nuts are available all year round in stores in Chinatown.

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