Gimpy-eyed Cat 36"x36" oil on canvas gallery-wrap

We have stray cats here, and one came along, very small and sickly, walked with a limp, we called Gimpers.Hhe had lice, but we cured him. He was so scrawny, so we fed him. He stayed outside tho-still feral. After several years he allowed us to pet him, then we could pick him up and love him. Then he got sick. He crawled into my bedroom, onto my bed, onto my pillow, and said, "Can I sleep here for just a bit?" 3 days later he died of Feline HIV.

Just too many throw-away lives.

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Suzanne Painter

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I am a self-taught artist, learning portraiture from my mother at a young age. I am still in favor of charcoal when drawing portraits because of the ease of application, and the intensity of values. Charcoal gives me a depth that pencils lack.
     As I explored color, I experimented with oils, acrylics, and watercolor. Although I love the fresh, crispness of watercolor, I have yet to master the medium. Acrylics are wonderful for coverage, and intense color. They dry quickly and when that’s needed, I love acrylics. But I truly love oil paints. I love the smell, the feel, and the beautiful look that oil paints produce. I love the way I can blend, and smear the paint to produce the desired atmosphere or emotion within the painting.
     My favorite colors are French Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red and Yellow, Brown Madder, Indian Red and Yellow, and Burnt/Raw Sienna and Umber. I mix 1 part to 3 parts Stand Oil to Linseed Oil for my painting medium.
     I live in the central valley of California, and enjoy traveling throughout the western states for inspiration. I maintain my own website as well as other artists. I worked as a computer programmer until 2000, when I left behind my corporate ways to pursue painting seriously. I play guitar and piano when I’m not painting.

     You can view my website at