Garden of the Gods

This was painted upon returning home from the "Weekend with the Masters" conference in Colorado Springs, CO, a most amzaing experience.  To read more about this uprecedented and life-changing event, check out my blog on it at .  Also this was the place where I saw my very first rattle snake, up close and personal!

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Ann Tristani

About Ann Tristani


Becoming an oil painter is Ann’s response to a lifetime of exploring and appreciating creation.  After a childhood of romping in a ravine and climbing trees, a college career majoring in art and biology, and more recently studying with several nationally recognized oil painters, it is with great passion that she responds to all of this on canvas.


Although Ann’s oil paintings vary greatly in subject, they all exude a sense of comfort and hope.  Whether she paints the shadows in a landscape, the radiance of a flower, or the nostalgia an object evokes, her images satisfy a longing for truth and beauty, often reflecting the simplicity of days gone by.


Ann feels an obligation to use the artistic talent God has bestowed upon her, offering it to the world as a means of "awakening ones soul to a sense of the eternal... inviting one to wonder, to savor life, and to ponder beauty" (Pope John Paul II, from his Letter to Artists, 1999). 


“Slam in those darks!” is a favorite phrase Ann hopes her students will come to understand and apply as she teaches them at the White Bear Center for the Arts.  She is attempting to start an oil painting revolution there!... Can you feel the excitement?


Ann paints in a lovely studio at home in Maplewood, Minnesota  where she lives with her husband Mark and children, Catherine, Lucas, Alex, Maria, along with her dog Lulu in a pretty yellow house surrounded by flowers.