Fuller Fountain

Plein Air painting of the Fountain in the Victorian Garden, of the historic Fuller Gardens, North Hampton, NH.  Annually, the Fuller Gardens throws a garden party, art show, for the Garden's patrons.  A number of artists are invited to participate as part of the entertainment.  This painting was painted during the show.  Actually I had to finish it at home.  I had to interact with the patrons, which was enjoyable, so I didn't quite finish the painting on location.

it's a 16 by 20 inch painting on canvas.  It's painted using my standard limited palette of Red, Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Permanent Green, and Titanium white.

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About Hal

I'm a geezer:  retired Air Force Pilot, retired corporate accountant, and I have squeezed painting in, when I could around my day jobs.  I paint in acrylic and pastel primarily and I've been painting for 37 years.  I've had a few college art courses and studied with various artists, some nationally prominate via workshops too numerous to list.  My favorite activity is painting plein air. 

I am or have been member of numerous artist associations: ASMA, NH Plein Air Society, NH Pastel Society, I'm a past president of the Seacoast Artist Association of New Hampshire.  I have shown in a number of local galleries, and was president of a co-op gallery for a number of years.  I decided that the co-op gallery was too much work.  Now I show in local venues and local art fairs.  Last year, 2012 my oil pastel "Texas Gothic" took first place in the Oil Pastel Society's, 2012  Member's Show (associates division).

Awards range from best in show (alas only once) through the full range down to numerous honorable mentions.

My avatar is of Gus and me.  He's the first dog I've had since childhood.  I had forgotten how wonderful dogs can be and I love this one more than I realized was possible.