Froggie cartoon

I like doing things from my imagination as much as things from reality.


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John Barnes

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I was born the year the corn dog was invented, and had a solid, happy, middle income family consisting of 2 parents, a sister and assorted pets (including a crow and monkey). I was a kid when Roy Rogers was "King of the Cowboys", when "Tail Gunner"Joe McCarthy warned of the "red menace", and gangster Frank Costello went on trial. I was there when the boys came home from the war, swing changed to rock and roll, color came to the movies, radio drama was replaced by television, and when air conditioning first made Summer nights bearable.

I worked as an illustrator for the Air Force, and was academically trained in art at college where I earned a master's degree in media. I have taught art classes for adults, in college, and in the public schools. My art work has appeared in magazines, calendars, cards, billboards, game boxes, books, and in galleries. My art knowledge and skills have afforded me income sufficient to live comfortably with my wife in a home I designed myself on the palisades of the Columbia River in Washington State. 

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