Free Belgians

oils on hard board.

40 x 50cm.

two Belgian Draught horses, both broken free from the show ring.

braid tails, NOT DOCKED!

braid mane, all though the strawberry roans braids are becoming undone.

Its a refference to the Belgians, the language barriere between the french and dutch speaking parts. Political upheaval..

Most Belgians I know just want to be Belgians in Belgium, the state is keeping the devision alive in an atrificial, economically induced way..

thank you for reading; Varks

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born and bred in Holland.

been living AAAAL over Europe and settled in Belgium at the moment..

I dont believe ib :"selftaught" someone has always been teaching us, knowingly or unknowingly...

personally I blame my friend Rafael the most for teaching me!!

for the rest; love my horse and dogs...and cant keep off the chesse!! XXV