Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love ~ 8"x10" acrylic on panel ~ 2011

Our 21st Century society still carries on a stigma on certain types of love deemed unappropriate based on, sexual orientation, race, age and social status. I call it Forbidden Love.

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Sandrah Chalmers

About Sandrah Chalmers

For more about me and my Art you may visit my website:


Sandrah Chalmers was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. She and her family moved to Miami, FL in 1991. She earned a Bachelor Degree from Florida International University, in International Relations with a focus on Latin America & Caribbean studies. Sandrah is a self taught Artist who's passion for Art began since the age of 4. Her inspiration derives from her love for life, nature, and from her own personal experiences. She now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Her ultimate belief is that creativity is a gift that holds no boundaries. Sandrah  is a proud member of the Atlanta Artists Center, The Museum Of Contemporary Art and the French Alliance. Sandrah is fluent in French, Creole & English.


My dream is to one day work as a Full-Time Artist. I would love to have my work exhibited in many art galleries and museums around the world (before I die). I would love art collectors to own some of my pieces in their home. I will keep on believing in my dream because they say that dreams do come true for those who believe.


Favorite Color: red

The Most Influential Artists In My Book: Jackson Pollock - Willem De Kooming - Vincent Van Goh - Pablo Picasso - Leonardo Da Vinci - Andy Warhol - Francis Bacon - Jasper Johns - Claude Monet - Salvador Dali - Paul Cezanne - Romero Britto - Wassily Kandinsky - Jean Rene Jerome - and many more....

Favorite Cuisine: Haitian, Italian, French, Japanese

Favorite Pianist / Composer: Yanni

Favorite Artist Import: Andrea Bocelli

The Most Attractive Actors Of All Time In My Book: Sean Connery and Gerard Butler (uumhh - I believe they are both from Scottland)

Favorite To Do On Week-ends: going to the movies / concerts - going to the beach / the lake - hang out with friends - go see a play - go to the art galleries and museums - stay home and paint - dinner for two (with my husband) - visit historical homes - go to jazz clubs - go to evening outdoor concerts - do something spontaneous......

The Place To Visit Before I Die: visist  Athens and Santorini Greece 

Who I  Wish I Had The Opportunity To Me Before He Dies: Michael Jackson

Who I Want To Meet One Day: Nelson Mandela

Things I Cannot Live Without: my IPhone

The Things I Love: dresses, shoes, perfumes, fresh cut flowers

How Do I Stay Grounded: I remember that life is short and that everything can be taken away from you in the blank of an eye. I am greatful for the talents that are given to me and do not take anything for granted.

Charity: I donate a painting to charities once in a while for a cause that I believe in. I volunteer at the Atlanta Artists Center. I hope to find the time to volunteer at the children's hospital and paint with the young cancer patients. The proceeds from the sale of their work would go to cancer research.

Beliefs: I believe in GOD. I believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe that everything has a beginning and an end.