Flowering of Sunlight

Watercolor Painting
38-55 Cm
Isfahan – Naghshe Jahan Square
Alighapoo Entrance

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About Behzad

Major: Architecture M.A / Graduated in : 2003
Tehran Art University


I think ,each instrument that shows human’s inner associations easily, and communicates with them, is a suitable means , and it can differ according to each person and his experiences.
I think watercolor is the instrument in need and I communicated with its fluency, fluidity and simplicity.

I was chosen by officials and praised in art exhibit: “The dialogues between civilizations” in 2001 for “Jolfaian oldmen” painting in watercolor.
Individual art exhibit in Nikan cultural Institute in 2002
Individual art exhibit in Kowsar gallery of Esfahan in 2009
Individual art exhibit in Esfahan Museum of contemporary art in 2010
Individual art exhibit in Apadana gallery of Esfahan in 2010
Participation in “ Taalab-e-Gavkhooni “ (Gavkhooni Pond) art exhibit in group in 2005