Flowering Maple

watercolour on Arches 140 lb rough paper, 14"x18" , 2009

Usually I only paint from photos I took because even photography and painting are different medium however it showed how we see things and how to composite a picture. A photo of the flowering maple (abutilon) was taken by a number of a flickr group I belong to"watercolour painting with light", in this photo are full of strong contracts, bright light, reflected lights and shadow which is something I usually would not use in my painting so I decide to take up this challenge to work from a different “eyes”.

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I was born in Hong Kong and our family moved to Toronto, Canada in 1973 I attended and graduated with honors from Central Technical School and Ontario College of art.

I been painting and drawing since I was three years old. I am a
full time artist based in Toronto. Most of my works were inspired by
nature, travel and friendship. To see more of my works please visit