First Portrait

Lately, I realized I have never done a Portrait, so I sat down and began to draw one. (From life by the way)

Now, I was somewhat satisfied by the outcome, as it was a big step to do a Portrait for me.  But I realized it lacked the "Feminine look" Ha.  

So what I would really appreciate is some advice.  Because whenever I do a female portrait, the features always come out to looking like a male.  Any suggestions, or has anyone else had the same problem?

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About Tristan

My name is as you know Tristan Amaya.  I am 14 years old and have been drawing ever since I knew pencils existed.  But I have been looking into Oil Paints, as well as Pastels.  And I very much would like to pick up those mediums in art.  Now even though my paintings/drawings are not the best compared to the wonderful pictures on this site.  I hope to improve my beginner skills.