First Plein Air Painting (Olathe, KS landscape)

So I really hated this at first and wanted to throw it away.  But Mara convinced me to make a few adjustments and then see if I like it later.  My husband begged me not to erase it just because I don't like it (he knows me too well).  I suppose for the fact that it's my first plein air, I should keep it around.  What do you think?  I think it might grow on me–but I can guarantee there are a million things I'd change if I were to do this again!



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Well, most artists say they have a passion for what they do.  I suppose if you consider drawing my first picture shortly after birth and selling my art since I was 12 as a form of passion, then I am one of those artists.  Personally, though, I like to think I paint simply because I want to.  I always have and I suppose I always will.