Fire on the Mountain

Acrylic on canvas.  Just learning.  One of my first attempts.  Not sure if this is the proper place to post for critique.  Looking to improve.

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About Lydia

I'm a workaholic that has recently taken up painting, trying to get a balance in my life.  I attended the University of New Mexico where I received a degree in Journalism in 1984, with a minor in Art (photography concentration).  After freelancing for a few years,  I went back to school in 1991 to study painting and get my full degree in art, but got distracted and ended up getting my teaching credentials instead.  I soon learned that teaching wasn't my forte, and I wound up working at the U.S. District Court in the computer department (yes, a jack of all trades).  I eventually ended up as a Space & Facilities Administrator, doing a lot of design and purchasing.  But, as much as I like to shop, it just wasn't satisfying my true self (as my counselor would say).

So to strike a balance, I took up painting again (after not touching a brush for about 20 years).  Being a perfectionist, one of my biggest battles is allowing myself to make mistakes, learn and grow as an artist.  I am constantly battling the internal "judge" that says I'm no good and should stop while I'm ahead.  But so far, I've managed to put a muzzle on the judge and just paint.

Right now I'm just working with acrylic and watercolor, getting to know the material and experiment.  I would like to eventually take some classes and get more specific instruction in technique.  My goal is to one day have a show of my work and be able to invite my friends to an opening reception.  I know, it's kinda corny, but it's a dream.

I really love the American Artist community.  I have to admit, it is one of the first times I have become engaged in a website community where I actually look forward to people's comments, and where I actually contribute as well.