Favorite Labels

Favorite Labels is a 9"x7" Oil Painting

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Debra Keirce

About Debra Keirce

Debra Keirce is originally from Detroit, MI, but now calls Northern VA home.  She first became interested in art when she won several awards and scholarships in high school.  Despite her love of fine art, she pursued a degree and career in biochemical engineering, while continuing to build a business painting commissions.  It was during this time in 1988, when a coworker at a biotech company in VT started a custom puzzle company, Lucretia’s Pieces.  Debra has been painting work that is mounted and cut into very high quality puzzles for Lucretia ever since.  Her commissioned work resides in many private collections in almost every U.S. state, and also in Japan, Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, Belize and Moscow.

In 1997, Debra was able to leave the corporate engineering world to focus on raising her three children and growing her commission business.  At this point, she began painting daily and participating in local art fairs.  By 2010, with children in high school and a growing desire to paint her own visions, Debra stopped soliciting commissioned work and focused on entering art shows in galleries and museums.  In particular, she was drawn to the miniature and small format fine art exhibitions, where she began to accumulate awards and got to know several other top artists in the genre.  She experimented with various subjects, and has settled on urban landscapes and still lifes with a Trompe L’Oeil and photorealism influence. 


Clearly, her engineering background contributes to her love of detail, repeating patterns, and high contrast.  Debra explains that she wants for her art to “make people stop, draw closer, smile, and then think about the narrative.”  Her small format artwork does this extremely well.  Viewers notice the form and color, marvel at the amount of detail, move nearer to relax into the comforting patterns within patterns, and then consider what significance each element might have.


Debra’s painting technique is a systematic deconstruction and reconstruction of either photo references or live models.  She literally dissects the subject into its subtle changes of values, colors and tones.  She uses a magnifying lens when she paints, to capture the smallest detail in the tightest of renderings.  Similar to the way a computer composes an image from seemingly random pixels, Debra paints in her own words, “colors and shapes with little or no regard to the entire subject until the very end of the painting process.”  For Debra, one of the joys of painting is “being surprised by the hyper realistic compositions that evolve from a very abstract, emotional creative zone.”  




Arts Organizations

Art Renewal Center, Living Artist

Women Painters of the Southeast

Oil Painters of America

Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington D.C., Resident Associate Member

Miniature Art Society of Florida

The Hilliard Society

World Federation of Miniaturists

Cider Painters of America