3 canvas that equal 4ft by 4ft acrylic


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Fred Branton Jr

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My name is Fred Branton, born and raised in the beautiful city of Charleston South Carolina in the United States. I am a 37 year old self taught artist that has just came out of my shell recently to show my work. I am looking for any feed back to help me progress into a better all around artist. I have been trying many different styles these last few years but my true passion is anything abstract. I have a beautiful 4 year old son that inspires me every day and I do not want to keep my talent to myself any longer because how can I tell him to pursue his dreams if I am afraid of mine. Like I said, any feed back would be very appreciated and just hearing from these talented artist on here that take the time to give you a pat on the back would make anybodies day. Thank you in advance.