Extinction is Forever Hour Glass

This is a combination oil and digital image development which includes my children. The image depicts the hour glass which in turn depicts our sense of urgency to address the issues at hand regarding the preservation and conservation of our marine life and the ocean resources.  Within the next few generations and the next few decades we stand to lose a great deal of our earths ability to sustain the marine and natural nautical wildlife that we all sometimes take for granted and expect tht by doing nothing it will always be there.

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After serving in the United States Navy during the Vietnam Conflict I pursued a career in commercial art.  For 35 years I have been a designer, art director, creative director, executive and then decided to go out on my own which I have never regretted. The only advice I can give to anyone who is just starting a career in the arts is to Follow Your Bliss. I never listened to, or associated with, negative people who continuously talk about defeat and negativity. It's a disease.  The arts are a tremendously challenge but also provide tremendous opportunities. If your goal is life is strictly to make money go become an Investment Banker or Lawyer.  On the other hand if you want fulfillment, spirituality without having to practice an organized religion, a true sense of feeling a certain of degree of Freedom, and possibly making a contribution to something bigger than yourself,  try the arts.   

Here is my website http://www.coroflot.com/jfronza