"Espresso Cup"

8×8 oil painting on panel alla prima

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Leigh-Anne Eagerton

About Leigh-Anne Eagerton


Artist statement


I look for simple graphic form in everyday objects and  organize them into compositions.


As a young child in Japan, I was impressed by the work of the Japanese masters highly stylized wood block prints.  I have also been influenced by Wayne Thiebaud, Tamera De Limpeka, Chuck Close, JC Leyendecker and broadly by the Golden Age of Illustrators.


Working in watercolor and acrylic, I found the best results are produced from trial and error and a consistent work ethic, producing personal improvements and successes.


Upon arriving in the New York metropolitan area in 1980, I continued my studies in life drawing and pursued oil painting, attending SUNY Purchase College and the Art Students League.


All of my paintings have a foundation in what I call stylized realism. They utilize the strong composition qualities of clear planar and linear breaks on the surface, creating  jewel-like facets.


I paint  from life,  all at once,  marathon style,   Alla Prima.