En 1982…..

Ever since I was a kid I've loved drawing. In 1982, my father saw something I'd done to help a friend studying architecture, a copy of one of Goya's self portraits; he said I think you are good, but you should take classes. I didn't want to. He practically begged me to do it. So I tried one month. What they had me do was pencil drawing something I already did, so I decided I tried and said I would not go anymore. Once again my father begged me to keep on going. I went back and told my teacher no more pencil drawings. He gave me four crayons and something I was to copy with those 4 colors. This is what came out. The painting named Seminole was the second one I did. 

My back log ends there. The third painting I posted today is one of the 4 I did Saturday. From now on I will not be posting daily, only when I get to paint, will I post.

My wife and I connected through one of my paintings, which I gave her, one more of the many things I owe my father, his persistence, and his vision of me painting.

my father has Alzheimer's. he did not get to see me in Artist Daily. He did not get to meet my wife. I owe him all I am

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Jose Fernando Garcia

About Jose Fernando Garcia

My name is Jose Fernando Garcia-Bravatti and I am a lawyer and painter from Guatemala. I have been painting pastel since1982 and have been part of several collective showings in my country since then. I also had my own show at Galería Forum in Guatemala City.

The only medium I use is pastel, and usually it´s on black Canson Mi-Teintes paper

Being a lawyer is my vocation and painting is my avocation... my passion.