Eli in the creek

Oil on canvas, 15"x30". 

A painting of my son Eli playing in a small creek (river) near our home in WA.  He's not actually the real focus, it's more about the water and the effects of the movement in the water.   I chose to try to blend him into the scene – on this day he was actually wearing a red shirt, but I painted it green.  I liked how the rocks formed this line across the top of the image, and I think it was a good choice to do this in a vertical format.


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Tom Wheeler

About Tom Wheeler

BFA degree in 1997 from Brigham Young University. Some of the artists I studied under included Bruce Hixon Smith, James C. Christensen, Brett Helquist, Doug Frier, Richard Hull and Robert Barrett.

Over the years I've learned how to program and build websites, and have started my own web development business, which allows me to set my own schedule and try to paint as often as I can.  I manage about 5-10 hours a week of painting.  I also teach courses at the Art Institute of Portland, as well as drawing courses at the Avalon Gallery in WA.     Married, with 5 kids!  Keeps life busy..   Also enjoy running, and playing guitar.

I love oil painting, and focus on realism.  I enjoy painting people, water, rocks,  scenes from nature and still life.