El fallido tríptico

Some years back a friend asked me to do a triptych for his living room this was one of two paintings I'd started which they didn't like. The first one they thought was not a living room painting, and this one they didn't like "something". His sister kept this one. What amazes me is that they eventually chose the one I liked the least. 

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Jose Fernando Garcia

About Jose Fernando Garcia

My name is Jose Fernando Garcia-Bravatti and I am a lawyer and painter from Guatemala. I have been painting pastel since1982 and have been part of several collective showings in my country since then. I also had my own show at Galería Forum in Guatemala City.

The only medium I use is pastel, and usually it´s on black Canson Mi-Teintes paper

Being a lawyer is my vocation and painting is my avocation... my passion.