Eggs and Feathers on Wood

This was a piece that I painted with acrylics using recycled distressed wood as my canvas.  I stained the wood with acrylic washes to get the effect that I wanted before painting the eggs and feathers.  Inset are two pieces of metal – copper sheeting and aluminum sheeting.

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About Kristina Ryan

Except for a short period of dabbling with painting about 20 years ago my artistic experiences have focused mostly in the crafts area.  Recently I decided craft design wasn't fulfilling enough and so I've found myself going full circle by coming back to painting.  I have to admit, it's where I am more comfortable being even though I am probably approaching it the hard way by being untrained.  Still, the learning process is there regardless of whether you're self-taught or formally trained so I suffer my inexperience by exploring techniques and subjects.