Egg Hunt

watercolor on paper 11.5" x 8"/ 29 x 20 cm

I started this painting to experiment with texture creation. I first poured a diluted wash of yellow and blue onto the paper. It was raining, I let the rain fall onto the paper. I then poured salt onto the wash to see what would happen and I laid down different items onto to the paper to create patterns. I exposed it to the outdoors on a table for about a day and a half to dry. I drew the eggs and then masked them out while I worked the background. Next, I painted the eggs and finished off  the grass by adding more splashes of color. I used dental floss and a hair comb to create the "blades of grass" effect. All in all, I'm happy enough with the finished painting to share it with you!

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Celia Blanco

About Celia Blanco

I am from Northern Virginia, brought up in a household where creativity has always been encouraged. I developed artistic interests at an early age. My mother, who also loves art, was instrumental in this. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, in 1992. At that time, I experimented with many mediums. After graduation, after being required to work mostly with oils, I was able to follow my instincts more, drawing closer to watercolors. Family priorities resulted in a hiatus that lasted for some years. I approached the Arts again in 2010. I strive to explore the limitless possibilities watercolor painting offers and admire the endless effects that can be obtained. I paint a variety of subject matter, plein air, from life or from photos. What I find most stimulating are the seemingly commonplace moments or scenes that are often overlooked. I try to convey concepts by shaping and arranging the different creative layers the medium offers. I strive to apply myself daily, in spite of other responsibilities, forever challenging my skills and level of awareness. At the present, I live in Rome, Italy with my husband and two daughters.