Edgar Allen Poe

Portrait after photo

In visions of the dark night 
I have dreamed of joy departed- 
But a waking dream of life and light 
Hath left me broken-hearted. 

Ah! what is not a dream by day 
To him whose eyes are cast 
On things around him with a ray 
Turned back upon the past? 

That holy dream- that holy dream, 
While all the world were chiding, 
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam 
A lonely spirit guiding. 

What though that light, thro' storm and night, 
So trembled from afar- 
What could there be more purely bright 
In Truth's day-star?


Edgar Allan Poe

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Marius Bj. Hofstad

About Marius Bj. Hofstad

From Oslo Norway, born 1976. Started drawing at a young age, but stopped at age 16-17, and didnt touch a pencil before a year ago (2012). It was wery depressing to find out how much of my former abilities as a drawer that was gone, but i stayed on the project and has just recently been able to make some thing that im satisfied with.  Im make more expressive drawings now that im older than i did for 20 years ago, and i belive i in an larger degree think more like an artist.  I have never attended any art class or cource in drawing. It has allways been a learning by doing in my case. As a child i used countless of hours to draw. I was allways the best at drawing in my class at primary school. When i returned to drawing after all this years i made up my mind that i should be more schooled in the art of drawing. In the beginning i put my expectation on a low level. I bought the Walter Fosters beginners and followed all the basic excercies in the book. I think that the most importan thing i learned in this period was that drawing is about patience and to process the project in your head more than on the paper. So i learned to look. Now that i am drawing i use more time on looking than drawing and that i what makes the diffence at least in my case. Earlier i was dependent on that the drawing show some qualities from the beginning and would often give it up if i did not achieve this. Now i accept that the drawing or scetch needs time to develope and that time is the best way to overcome this obstacles.  I have never done much painting. I like to look at and observe painting, but have no need to paint my self. Drawing is a formidable art form in its own right after my opinion. There some thing about the black and white medium that i can relate to. Drawing is the mother of all visual art.    My future plans for my drawing i to make epic cartoons. Not Donald Duck, but epic cartoons like Neil Gaiman, etc. Then i could combine to aspect of my artistic self, drawing and storytelling. I have a back ground wich has involved much music and writing songs (music and lyric). I belive that the basic for all art is to tell a story and show the diversity of the world we live in.  About my approach to a drawing object? During the last 2 years i have had different approach to how i transfer a model, face etc to the paper. In the beginning i allways fouced on the major shapes of ex a face. Later i would draw first a straight vertical line, mark the top and the bottom of the object and then try to figure out where the other points are positioned relative to this line. In the last time i have mostly squinted and managed to see some distinctive shapes that are easy to draw, making the location of the other points easy to fit in the figure. This is a very liberating way to draw on as you are not dependent of too much measurement and the figure can be easily corrected during the process.