Early Snow in the Foothills

Acrylic and pen painting of an early snowfall in the foothills of NC. The house used in the painting is a home that is now abandoned and forgotten. I wanted to bring that home to life through my painting.

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About Penny

There is no way to better state who I am or what I am. I live and work in a small rural community in the foothills of North Carolina. My art is representative of the type of lifestyle around me. I love painting landscapes and still lifes. The country side here is full of history and life. It shows on the people here and in thier lifestyles. I also believe it shows in my work as an artist.

I am a self-taught artist. Even at an early age I began drawing and painting and trying new techniques with art. When I look at an object that some may consider ordinary I try to find a way to bring that object to life through my paintings or drawings.