Dove Lane, Blackberry, MN

Dove Lane at Blackberry, MN on 16 X 20 Stretched Canvas – I painted this from a memory of my youth. The west end of Dove Lane actually led to a peninsula of land almost surrounded by the Mississippi river. In this case the frozen Mississippi is on the right.  A view from MapQuest indicates that house and outbuildings are still there. I knew the family that lived there and went to school with their children; I won’t name them as I don’t have permission to do so. In those days the winters were raw, windswept and cold and I wanted to depict that in the painting. I hope I’ve accomplished that. Painting this one was very difficult for me as I don’t usually use cool tones and just wasn’t used to working with them at all. I also discovered that painting snow was not as easy as it sounded and found it difficult. I think I repainted the front left of the painting three different times before I was happy with it. Comments are welcomed.

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Russell BakerSacramento, Northern California, United StatesAs a student in northern Minnesota I enjoyed being an artist. My uncle Charles: C. X. Carlson, a noted author, artist and muralist was a great influence me. I sketched and painted everyday until age sixteen or so, then it seemed as though life took over. Now, 40+ years later and retired, I have returned to the more pleasurable pastimes of my youth. This year, 2007, I started drawing, painting and playing music once again. It will be interesting to see where these endeavors guide me and how my skills in turn develop over time. Everything I offer here is an original. Some may be renditions of other works I find interesting, however originals just the same. If you see something you would like to purchase, email me.