Dinosaur’s picnic

If you go down to the beach today your sure of a big suprise….

This is most likely the only dinosaur painting I will ever do. The rules of the Waterhouse Prize in South Australia are that there are to be no signs of humans or man-made 'things'. Well, I wanted to do a beach painting but I also like activity, but of course the rules didnt allow for people. So, dinosaurs it was! The beach is Goolwa by the way. The painting itself has become somewhat of a curiosity in the few places it has been shown.

Dinosaurs' Picnic – acrylic on canvas – 150x100cm

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Mike Barr

About Mike Barr

I paint what I love - sparsely populated beaches with big skies and wide shallows and rain-drenched city streets that sparkle with reflective light.
Of course, both these places are animated with human activity, such as beach walkers or those braving the elements of a rainy day,
and they add to the appeal of such scenes.

The sky usually plays a large part in my work.
From a very young age I have been fascinated with clouds and the moods of the sky and have always loveed a stormy day.
It is no surprise then that this is translated into my work.

My paintings aren't acquired because they match the curtains - they are windows in themslves.
They offer glimpses of where we have been or where we would like to be - places where the soul can linger for a while an rest.





I am a fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts