Digital ballpoint art

This very colorful digital artwork is being displayed to demonstrate what can be done from a ballpoint pen drawing. Our art community is quite diverse therefore adapting to people likes works for me folks. Combine ding different art medium brings in a larger base line or support system for the ballpoint pen art movement which is what I’m interested in. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this new art form. Cheers, Jerry Stith  MY GALLERY  Ballpoint Pen Art International: My Site  Prints and cards available

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Greetings, this is Jerry Stith or the founder of an American folk art program referred to as Ball Point Pen Art, Ballpoint Pen Art or Ballpointpenart. I’ve been on the WWW from the year 2000 as an artist, publisher, researcher and video producer. Providing ballpoint pen art a platform has been my ongoing goal during that past decade and this location is reached my goal. Posting information pertaining to colored ballpoint pens, refills, ISO/DIN archival inks, steadfast light test results, artists names, artworks, videos and related URL’s or links helps others understand our instrument.

The Bic Pen Company reported in the year 2005 that they’ve sold one hundred billion ballpoint pens. Needless to say, that's a lot of ballpoint pens, many purchases or a worldwide best selling product. Pen and Ink has been around for the past four thousand plus years, is one of the first art or writing mediums that helped advance every part of society throughout history. A ballpoint pen is used for writing, making carbon copies or for producing artworks which in turn elevated almost all realms of society worldwide over the past seventy years. Billions of ballpoints have landed in artists hands and that’s news worthy therefore very important to me. Displaying about five and a have thousand of those artworks is why this site exits!

A ballpoint has three major virtues that no other pen systems in history have produced. A ballpoint pen is the only pen ever manufactured with an oil based ink delivery system. Many ballpoint pens can produce a mile long flowing line, bright or dark rich colors plus an exquisite half tone line perfect for doing artworks. Imagine producing a half tone line from a full toned ink if you may. The ballpoint pen’s ultra-fine (extra-fine) or fine tips produce the subtlest camera ready line in history which elevates the sensitivity of the graphic art world globally. The long flowing line is spectacular fore creating spontaneous artworks, fore capturing motion, life and nature in real time. Last yet not least are its deep rich or outstanding colors. It’s very important because that places it on the same level with many other art mediums.

I think that Pen and Ink was held back because our art movement never developed colors. Nature arrives in color so reproducing, capturing or imitating it is rather difficult with only a black ink or medium. India ink was however an archived medium which is exceptionally important in the art world yet that’s not a substitute for color. Today, however a ballpoint pen does arrive on the marketplace in color as well as an archived inks. The year 2010 marks my tenth year of publishing multi colored ballpoint pen drawings that have been viewed by over one million people, therefore many more people, are becoming aware of this relatively new art form.

Again that places a ballpoint pen on the same level or footing of other colored art mediums. Those developments have tremendously increased the pen and ink or ballpoint ink art movements as never before. Please remember, that the Ball Point Pen Art movement is the largest developing art movement in history and Jerry Stith has done more, to establish it, because he’s the most prolific ballpoint pen artist, publisher, video producer and information provider in history via the WWW. One decade dedicated to the ballpoint pen art movement marks me as the man or the driving force behind establishing this instrument as a recognized medium. A complete labor of love motives me to help many others because that’s what it took.

Educating the world of a ballpoint pen’s virtues and providing this forum certainly helped improve our art movement. I’m currently publishing over 1,000 ballpoint pen artists names, 6,740 artworks, 373 videos and facts therefore archiving history is taking place my friends. Ten years of my life have gone into archiving, recording, publishing or documenting ballpoint pen art in order to advance the Pen and Ink art movement. A ballpoint is just one pen system that makes up the Pen and Ink Art movement yet stands on its own as an art medium. An art movement consists of many, many people from the past, present and future and that most likely means you as well! Supporting ballpoint pen artists through purchases, conversations, writings, building sites, sharing experiences or knowledge is how it all takes place people.

How can the most popular or sold art medium in history go unnoticed and not get recognized? Why aren’t the pen companies, art communities, the media or investors jumping on the bandwagon? Billions of dollars can be produced by capitalizing the most popular art movement in history, I would think! What do you think? I’ve been doing ballpoint pen art from 1968 therefore have a complete program for those with millions to invest in producing ballpoint pen art history, helping others or making a profit. Why hasn’t the American art community paid any attention to the largest developing art movement in history?

I started an American folk art program called Ball Point Pen Art in order to establish what a ballpoint could do as an art medium, instrument or movement. Thousands of hours have gone into learning, preparing, organizing, creating and publishing eight hundred plus artists pictures, names, videos and related forms of information. I might add that every minute was well worth it my friends because such endeavors have placed me in history as leader of the ball point pen art movement. About ten thousand hours of free labor went into that project so don’t think such activities come without a cost! A life long love of art has inspired me to improve others lives and putting together a ballpoint pen art platform was that desire, amen.

My site shows thousands of scribbles, inklings, doodles, sketches, renderings, drawings or illustrations for your enjoyment. I’ve also advanced the ballpoint pen art movement by creating and publishing videos, animations, commercial formats, digital variations, mono drawings, black and white pictures or multi-colored drawings like no others before me. That includes assembling the superb, eloquent, spectacular, grandiose or exceptional works of many others. Each and every person has played an important role in establishing a new world class art movement because its of the people, for the people and by the people!

At sixty-one my thinking roams through the passages of time from within my mind. People, places, things or dreams have come and gone yet Father God Almighty’s holiness prevails over my soul, amen. His love and mercy has prepared me to serve others. Using God’s blessings and favor to help others by introducing BallPoint Pen Art has been a tremendous healing energy or source of peace throughout my life. Love is a verb or action word as is helping others. To me that's far more important than money, power, authority, fame or social status because its character building and something I can take to heaven with me. It accurse to me that the spirit within is more valuable than the money outside so a love of life seems in order! There’s nothing stronger than a volunteers heart my friends. It keeps on working when the banks close, after hours, during a holiday, if you’re late for work, during a meal or even while sleeping. Helping others is good everyday in everyway!

Introducing the largest undeveloped art movement in history basically produces opportunity, stability, recognition and leadership for those desiring to participate. Establishing an artistic style or tendency seen in the intentions or works of a number of artists, a striking similarity among the techniques, philosophy or goals they have embraced, or in the attitudes which they espouse in an organized effort makes up an art movement! Extraordinary thin subtle half tone lines, mile long flowing lines and deep rich colored ink makes ballpoint pen art unique and news worthy.

No others on the WWW have provided the experience, wisdom, knowledge or love to assemble a ballpoint pen art movement’s format or home base therefore I had to do it. Learning about computers, software programs, the Internet, writing, communications, research and organizing materials certainly refreshed my outlook about reaching out to over one billion people worldwide. Massive work and dedication to the cause also taught me lots about those around here or myself. I’m exceptionally blessed that God has helped, inspired and encouraged me throughout this entire episode of my life because I couldn’t have done it without his provisions, amen.

Publishing over eight hundred ballpoint pen artists gives significance, value, honor, dignity, honor and recognition to many, that might otherwise go unnoticed. Think of everyone’s family, friends, children and grandchildren when they realize that their loved ones have been archived in art history. Passing on something that special to others warms a man’s heart, heals emotions, sooths my soul plus represents answered prayers. See the bible talks about helping or serving others and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing throughout my life. Maybe, that’s what people mean when they say, that’s getting to the heart of the matter!

By the way, I’m a born again Christian therefore all credit goes to Father God Almighty, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. All my time represents a “labor of love” because serving others is a blessing or tremendous gift from God plus such heals my soul, amen!

Have a blessed and prosperous day, Jerry Stith