"Did You See That?"

Oil painting on canvas with collaged elements

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Jackie McIntyre

About Jackie McIntyre

My love of art began at an early age with a box of crayons.  I fell in love with all the colors in the box. As long as I can remember paintings or ideas have always been mulling around in my head. For me, part of the creative process is the enjoyment of exploring those new ideas.


Most of my recent work has been in oils. My paintings are usually about nature, in particular flowers.  I find myself fascinated by the forms, color and uniqueness of each flower whether they are living or dried.  When dried the petals curl and twist in so many interesting shapes, sometimes forming beautiful abstract patterns, it’s almost as if they have danced into their new form.” 


 Additionally I also find the pods left behind after the petals have fallen off will present some unique and colorful abstract shapes. The challenge for me is to capture the feeling the flowers convey to me and to compose them on the canvas.  With some of my flower compositions I try to impart the movement the dried petals have taken.


Another side to my creativity is the challenge of creating Collages and Assemblages.  I was a picture framer for many years and when I work on an Assemblage it often takes me back to those years when I had to put a customers memorabilia into some sort of neat order and balance.  Working on a Collage allows me to be much freer and more expressive with ideas. In my recent Collages I have been incorporating birds along with the flower.   I never quite know the direction the Collage will take and many times it is a surprise for me to see the end result.


My paintings have won a number of local awards and are in many private collections.


My art can be viewed at: jackiemcintyre.blogspot.com

I can be contacted at:  jacmacpdx@gmail.com